Property Management Solutions

Full Service Properties Inc. (FSPI) opened for business in 2012 by Real Estate Broker Bill Forst to fill the need for a property management company offering excellent, personal service to property owners. As well, we offer stellar services in the sale or purchase of real estate, whether intended for personal use or investment. With over 30 years of Real Estate experience, and being the owner/owners of numerous properties ourselves, we understand how to increase profits and decrease headaches for sellers, buyers, prospective tenants and property owners alike.

  • Function as a third party liaison between the owners and the Lessees:
    Perform services between Lessee and owner, shielding the owner from the day to day responsibilities of rental property ownership.
  • Annual review of property to offer a view of the rental and sales market:
    Review property annually to determine average neighborhood rental prices. Our goal is to maximize YOUR return on YOUR investment.
  • Advertise properties:
    Aggressive, motivated advertising in the local MLS,, as well as other websites. We also handle signage and lockboxes on the property.
  • Management software:
    We utilize the most current management software, allowing us to email reports with the click of a button. Reports can be sorted by owner, property, unit, tenant, etc.
  • Financial and background check on Lessee:
    A financial and criminal background check is obtained on all lessees over 18 years old who may potentially inhabit your property. We strive to put the best qualified tenants into your investment.
  • Rental and Lease Agreements:
    We use agreements compliant with all laws including those set forth by the Real Estate Commission and all Fair Housing Laws as well as state laws.
  • Financial management:
    Manage financials as well as the property. A 1099 is mailed at year’s end for complete tax records.
  • Manage property repairs and clean up:
    We inspect all properties we manage on a regular basis and take responsibility for repairs and clean up as needed/ required.
  • Collections of rent and other payments:
    FSPI is diligent in collecting your rent in a timely manner to ensure positive cash flow. Monies are distributed quickly.
  • Eviction process:
    We will file the required notice and supply you with all the documentation. We can also suggest an attorney.